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Award-Winning Architect Shaping Sustainable & Community-Driven Spaces in London and throughout the UK

Dan is a leading community architect in London, co-founding the award-winning practice, civic. Recognised for their focus on social infrastructure and environmental excellence, civic has received the prestigious Architect of the Year Award for Environmental Excellence and two RIBA Awards for the Gamlingay Eco Hub community center.

Dan’s expertise extends beyond practice. He’s a Design Council Expert, High Streets Task Force Expert, and member of influential design review panels and committees. He has actively contributed to shaping London’s built environment through his work with the GLA’s Specialist Assistance Team (Regeneration). Dan’s passion for ambitious community architecture is further demonstrated by his teaching experience at prestigious universities like Cambridge and the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA).

civic: Pioneering Demand-Led Design

Established in 2005, civic prioritises collaborative working and empowering communities. Their core philosophy? Placing users at the heart of the design process. They believe user engagement leads to not only diverse solutions, but also spaces that truly resonate with the communities they serve.

civic excels at bridging the gap between users’ ideas and professional design expertise. They empower individuals with no prior design experience to actively participate, fostering a sense of ownership and ensuring projects align with community needs.

Demand-Led Design: Empowering Communities

What sets civic apart is their unique ‘demand-led design’ approach. Here, user groups, not architects, take the lead, drawing on their lived experiences to guide the design process. civic acts as a facilitator, leveraging their architectural expertise to translate community aspirations into inspirational and functional spaces.

Through a wide range of community engagement activities, civic fosters a collaborative environment where design becomes a powerful tool for empowering communities. Their extensive experience allows them to effectively guide this process, ensuring user involvement results in impactful community-focused projects.