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Cleared Sites Public Art Programme

Burnley, East Lancashire

Boarded-up terraced houses and vacant sites left by housing clearance were used to create time limited opportunities for public art next to housing in Burnley’s Housing Market Renewal areas.

The Landform project re-uses not only the space, but also the material that is left behind after housing demolition.

‘Strawberry Fields’ establishes a pick-your-own horticulture project close to housing in Burnley.

‘Peer Plaques’ is a direct-action project in which ‘knee-jerk’ statements submitted by members of the general public were printed on giant scale plaques attached to boarded-up houses.

These three proposals stayed the course of an immersive community engagement programme to voice people’s experiences of the Housing Market Renewal process.

Our ideas changed more in line with issues that people were interested in, for example the use of cleared sites. We agreed that the idea of a formal exhibition would not work in this community. It might satisfy the project’s client but would attract very few residents.

Client: Burnley Borough Council
Artist – collaborator: Kevin Carter
Project Sponsor: Elevate East Lancashire